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Aligning goals and values

  • Unite the community.

We make remarkable team gear that players, coaches, staff — and their families want to wear. 

It's your team. It's your shield. 

It's the banner you wave when you walk into the rink, the hotel, the airport — that says "we're here." 

Your gear announces your presence. 

It should represent you. 

It isn't just about how it makes you look. It's about how it makes you feel.

It isn't knowing someone has your back. It's knowing you have theirs.

No more of the same generic stuff that hasn't changed in decades.

Meet our unique line of custom gear for games, training, and travel.

With Rockwell, you have the unprecedented power of pro designers and customization.

  • Make it easy. 

Managers and coaches have enough to do. 

Let us reduce the headaches — logistics, playing middle man, and making arrangements — so you can focus on hockey. 

One Stop Shop

We're building an all-star lineup of on and off ice gear for hockey teams. 

New products are always in the works and being added to the catalog.

Don't see something you'd like? Let us know.

A Pro Design Team

Partner with our team of pro hockey designers. 

Our passion is outfitting teams in the best styles and gear that represents them. 

Let us do the work. 

So your logo needs some TLC...  

Let us touch it up, revamp, or create something new that's more... you.

  • Give Back.

Belonging to a hockey community is powerful. It helped raise us and taught countless life lessons. It provided positives outlets for energy and creativity. 

Everyone deserves to feel that.
We believe the world would be better if everyone did. 

We actively seek partnerships with organizations in under-resourced communities. We aim to help provide the same opportunities we had the privilege to enjoy. Are you a non-profit looking for a hand? Email us. 

Community Partner

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