Forged by Frustration

"They upcharge for everything,
have a paintful order process,
and take forever to deliver."

We heard it too many times.

The Rockwell Story

I started Men’s League Sweaters in 2015 to keep the dream alive for adult players.

Rockwell Hockey returns to the origins of that dream.

It’s countless miles on overdue transmissions, well-balanced tupperware dinners, and playing cards on the center console with poker chip pretzels.

It’s the radio station going to static over the mountain pass and helping me find the big dipper.

It’s holes in the knees of my windpants.

Full-throttle barefoot sprints down hotel hallways with a mini stick in each hand.

It’s the walks into the rink in the bottom half of my gear, snow crunching under by boots.

It’s for those who made me tie my own skates, snap my own bucket, and carry my own bag when I could still fit inside of it.

Rockwell Hockey is inspired by those who drove us to hockey before sunrise, before work, and before we knew what it all meant.

We make remarkable custom gear to unite your team and build community like the one that made me.

Let’s get to work.


  • Customization Included

    Flat rates mean no extra fees to get what you want.

    No up-charge for sponsor logos means every penny goes to the players.

  • Easy to Order

    Choose your gear, approve the designs, and get back to hockey.

    No outdated, generic stuff. No unresponded emails. No late deliveries.

  • 2x Faster Delivery

    Get your gear in half the time.

    No more ridiculous lead times.

    All backed by guaranteed delivery dates.

Community Partners

Belonging to a hockey community is powerful.

Everyone deserves to feel that.

We actively seek partnerships with under-resourced organizations, on and off the ice.

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